SBC Tanzania Limited was incorporated on April 5th, 2001 with the mission to "revive the Pepsi Cola business in Tanzania and to transform Pepsi brands into sizeable and serious contenders for volume and share of mind in the Tanzanian market." Our Vision calls for us to build one of the best run companies in Tanzania.

The name SBC traces its roots to our Nigerian sister bottling operation, Seven-Up Bottling Company PLC. Our sister company has been operating in Nigeria since the country's Independence on the 1st October 1960. This organization now employs over 5000 employees. The main driving force behind SBC is the El-Khalil family, who are no strangers to the African continent. They came into Tanzania with almost 100 years of experience in Africa, of which 40 was in the soft drinks business in Nigeria.

Our Tanzanian operations commenced on the 8th April 2001. Since then each passing day has been a testimony of our resolve to grow the market. The results of which is self evident in the exponential growth that we have achieved year on year, which has consistently surpassed the Industry growth during this period.

Our manufacturing capacities have been constantly upgraded to keep abreast of market demands, whilst maintaining the high standards of operation demanded by our parent company. While expanding the manufacturing facilities, we keep a hawk's eye on our quality processes guided by the stringent standards of Pepsico International. Our plants are exhibited among the best in Africa in terms of quality parameters.

The success of our operations have been attributed to our committed Sales and Marketing efforts, having invested a huge amount of time and money to expand the width and depth of our reach both in terms of product availability and awareness programs of our brands.

Over the years we have shown constant innovation in the way we have been serving the consumers and have been rewarding their loyalty to our brands through various programs. We have pioneered efforts to launch Can Vending Machines and Beverage Dispensing Machines across various locations as a part of our endeavor to modernize the way the consumers are served in the Tanzanian market.

Our journey towards growth has been punctuated by the ethical and diligent manner that we aim to reach these targets. Integrity has been the backbone to our growth story and it shall always remain our focus.

Our suppliers form an integral part of our success story, we deal with them as partners. This bond between our organization and our suppliers has helped us overcome many hurdles as we share common ideas and common goals. Moving on we shall endeavor to place the same trust in our suppliers to maintain healthy vendor relations.

Our strength is our committed workforce, which today exceeds 1000 members. We respect their contribution towards our success. The dedication of the entire SBC Tanzania team as well as their families has been responsible for the continued success that we enjoy.

We see a bright future for both our brands and our people, as we grow from strength to strength. We are appropriately positioned to leverage the future potential of Tanzania as a booming economy and look forward to being closely associated with this country's prosperity. (SBC Tanzania Ltd).


  • Commitment to and ownership of every initiative we embark on within our Sovereign host Tanzania Driving Performanceby hiring and retaining the best talent in Tanzania and managing the organization through Teamwork and Accountability
  • Embracing innovation as a cornerstone of our growth strategy
  • Uncompromising Integrity of our culture and full transparency in reporting our statutory and fiscal duties and responsibilities
  • Unequivocal Trust in our stakeholders especially our own people who are our most valuable investment
  • Unrelenting investment in Infrastructure to grow our business of world class brands and contribute to the economic prosperity of Tanzania
  • Upholdingthe sanctity of the natural environment around us via recycling and reclamation of waste water and reduction of carbon emissions
  • Anchoring and growing our social responsibility programs by abundantly giving back to the communities we serve