Mountain Dew

Brand History

The core method of Mountain Dew was developed in Virginia. The Drink was entitled and first promoted in Johnson City, Tennessee and Knoxville, Tennessee in 1948. For years, Mountain Dew inspires people around the world to do their own thing. Mountain Dew is an innovative brand that is strongly linked to action sports, music and street art. Originally from the US and with roots in the skate world motivates the brand to push boundaries, to seek challenges and get the most out of life. "It does not matter what you do, but how you Dew !"

Mountain Dew has a refreshing citrus taste and thirst-quenching. Characteristic of the soft drink brand is the bold neon green color of the packaging and popping logo.

Brand Advantage

Mountain Dew is a drink which excites like no other because of its active high-energy and extreme citrus taste. The idea brave, encounters and "going forward" attitude, quest and excitement are profoundly rooted in its brand DNA. This brand has always celebrated the brave, daring and unruly spirit of youth thus redirected in the high-adrenaline publicity of the brand and its assembly to Extreme sports and outdoor adventure

Quick Brand Facts

  • Mountain Dew was invented in Virginia in 1948.