Brand History

Mirinda is an international beverage brand from Spain which was launched in Tanzania in 1991. In 2008 the brand decided to up the ante and deliver a brand view point that would boom strongly with customers. Therefore, Mirinda approved a courageous and vibrant color, the great orangey taste and sparkly foams that refreshed one to be more carefree, artless and playful and occasionally given an urge of fun. In 2009 Mirinda recognized orange as the core of the brand.

However in Tanzania, the Fruity Flavor of Mirinda took the market by storm and still the resonation of consumers with Purple Mirinda is the strongest.

2014 Brand Campaign

Mirinda has always hoisted for excessivegallant taste that releases unlimited fun. Taking the capacity forward, Mirinda came out with Fruity Characters with 6 thrilling flavors which were; Fruity, Orange, Mango, Lemon, Pineapple and Green Apple which appeal to the Tanzanian palette.

Quick Brand Facts

Mirinda is a fruit-based soft drink with a great refreshing taste. It comes in four flavors; Mirinda Fruity, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Green Apple and Mirinda Pineapple.

With its tagline "Free Your Fun side", Mirinda targets fun-loving people with a core age bracket of 15-18 years. However, it's really anyone who feels like playing. Mirinda has a bold fruity taste, vivid color and vibrant fizz that provide a fun-filled sensory experience. This in turn rewards the consumer with a laugh-out-loud playfulness so they can act with playful abandon, which is the desired result.

  • 2001: Mirinda Orange launched in Tanzania.
  • 2002: Mirinda Lemon launched in Tanzania.
  • 2002: Mirinda Fruity launched in Tanzania.
  • 2002: Mirinda Pine apple launched in Tanzania.
  • 2014: Mirinda Green Apple launched in Tanzania.
  • 2015: Mirinda Strawberry launched in Tanzania.