Brand History

7UP, the energizing clear drink which has a natural lemon and lime flavor was produced in 1929. It sprung into Tanzania is the late 90's (1992) and its worldwide symbol Fido Dido was used for publicity in 1992 for forwarding the brand as a cool drink targeted towards youths. Fido instantly became a hit with its stylish look, laid back approach and eccentric take on life. 7UP is the first to be countrywide circulated besides being promoted as a healthier and better alternative to other soft drinks.

Brand Advantage

7UP's lemon nourishment gives you energy and verdures you feeling positive. Its sparkling, crisp lemon flavor keeps you energized and positive in contradiction of all probabilities. 7UP is the picture-perfect drink for a country that has high humidity and lots of youngsters. We are continuously positive about the present and enthusiastic about our future. 7UP brand idea is to always "FEEL UP" – rejoice this uncontrollable cheerfulness.